How to shuck an oyster ?

It is easier than you think!

Indeed, opening an oyster is easier than many believe. The key? A bit of technique and a bit of practice.

First, let’s understand how an oyster is made

Even before trying to open an oyster, you should understand how it remains closed. There are two neuralgic points: the joint, or the hinge, which connects two valves, and the muscle which keeps them closed, located at one-third of the oyster from the joint.

How to open an oyster: the technique

The most popular technique is to insert the knife at the end of the oyster and cut the muscle.

  1. Take the oyster, flat side up. The rounded side will be on the worktop.
  2. To prevent injuries caused by blade sliding along the shell, take the knife and place your thumb about 1 cm from the end of the blade.
  3. Insert the blade into the junction area of the valves. You will feel a hollow and weaker point.
    Press the knife strongly and, with your wrist, rotate back and forth until the top shell comes off.
  4. Slide the knife slightly between the valves until it reaches the muscle and cut.
    Then remove the shell.
  5. Slide the knife under the flesh to cut the lower part of the muscle.

That’s it! Enjoy!